Corporate Partnerships

We understand the corporate world. There is a flair for and an understanding of business that runs right through our organisation – from top to bottom.

We’re happy to discuss with you the creation of a bespoke partnership offering tailored benefits to match your company’s specific business aims and objectives.


Partnering with NaCOT, one of UK’s most exciting new arts and educational centres, offers your company:

Brand alignment with an groundbreaking arts organisation which has a growing reputation for excellence

  1. Increased community profile through affiliation with our artistic, education and community outreach programmes.
  2. Enhanced brand reputation among target audiences as a supporter of the oral tradition.
  3. Imaginative and enjoyable communications programmes, coaching and seminars for your leadership, management and employees.
  4. Opportunities to engage, inspire and enthuse employees, clients, and stakeholders
  5. Long-term, mutually satisfying and beneficial business relationships

Our Development Team will work with you to deliver the best possible partnership arrangement that meets your business needs in terms of brand visibility, employee benefits, and CSR objectives.

For more information, please contact:

John Hemingway, Corporate Fundraising