Corporate Sponsorship

We can offer your organisation a wide range of sponsorship opportunities from being a major sponsor of NaCOT’s work to supporting an event or series of events.  You can also fulfill corporate social responsibility goals through supporting a targeted education programme.


Senior Partner Sponsor

Senior Partner Sponsorship allows your organisation to become a major sponsor of NaCOT’s activities throughout the year, giving you exclusive access to a host of events and benefits. We will work with you to ensure that your business objectives are met and your generous support is suitably and publically acknowledged.

Programme/Event Series Sponsor

By directly supporting a particular event or series of events, your sponsorship enables NaCOT to continue its educational and outreach work in the community. In addition you can support specific elements of a series or programme such as transport, logistics, training, etc.

Educational Programme Sponsor

NaCOT can provide numerous opportunities to help satisfy corporate social responsibility policies relating to education and the community. NaCOT works closely with learning partners, local communities, and educators to provide targeted education programmes for people of all ages and abilities. We can work with you to develop projects that you can support over a year or longer. In return NaCOT will provide a range of attractive benefits to meet your CSR objectives.

Single Event Sponsor

Become the sponsor of a single NaCOT event and enjoy a wonderful and unique evening for you and your clients. Once you have chosen a date and particular event to support you will be entitled to corporate refreshments and the best house seats for the performance. Your support will be gratefully acknowledged on the day/evening of the event, in the press and online.

For more details on how your company can support us please contact:

John Hemingway