Woodland Story Adventure Weekends
Led by Sebastian Kelly with William Ayot and the NaCOT Team

As part of our drive to put story and poetry to work in the community, we have re-instituted a successful series of residential events that evolved during the 1990s. Coming out of the Mythopoetic Men’s Movement, Fathers & Sons Weekends quickly proved themselves by helping fathers to get real “quality time” with their fast growing boys. Sons who have since grown into confident manhood, are still grateful for what these events gave them. Jack Vaughan, now in his twenties, says, 

“Father’s and Sons weekends were hugely important to me in my childhood. They really were adventures… and the myths and stories I heard back then have stayed with me, sustaining me in later life”.

These experiential, fun weekends provide a safe environment in which to explore relationship and the outdoors in the company of other men and boys. Based on a proven model of storytelling, activity and time in nature, our woodland adventure format gives fathers and sons an opportunity to deepen bonds through shared experience and the magic of story. While boys get to build confidence, woodland knowledge and survival skills, fathers get to build meaningful relationships with their sons. Everyone gets to listen to great stories round the campfire. Dads get time with each other too.

Sebastian Kelly

iccs a broadly experienced ecologist, storyteller and facilitator. His affinity with the wild began as a boy in the Lake District. An accomplished performer and author of walking guides, he has worked for Exmoor National Park, Schumacher College, and WildWise, the young-person’s bushcraft and survival specialists. He currently leads Mandorla men’s retreats in the mountains of North Wales, and champions story work in nature for NaCOT. Sebastian lives on the edge of Dartmoor.


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